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Lichens are most sensitive part of the Lapland Forest Damage Project
Atmospheric sulfur dioxide background research from the Kansas Collaborative Research Network
Lichen Distribution in an Old Growth Forest Ecosystem on Southern Vancouver Island from Pearson College
Lichens: biomonitoring studies in progress at the Wisconsin DNR, Bureau of Air Management NPLichen: A National Park Service Lichen Database from the University of Minnesota
Lichens: As Barometers for Pollution from the Linnean Society of London


The Lichen Order Caliciales
Ecology of the Caliciales
Morphology and Anatomy of the Caliciales
Keys to Genera and Species of the Caliciales In Norway
Chemistry of the Caliciales
A Preliminary Key to Calicioid Lichens and Fungi n the Pacific Northwest
Insular Patterns of Calcioid Lichens in a Boreal Old-Growth Forest-Wetland Mosaic

Elementary Education

Fun with Lichens from Oregon State University

General Information

Lichen Information System: What's new? from Paris-Lodron-University of Salzburg
Welcome to The Lichens from Kochi University
Welcome to The World of Lichenology from the University of Hawaii at Maoa


U.S. National Herbarium: Search Mosses, Hepatics and Lichens at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
The Lichen Herbarium, University of Oslo
Herbarium: Lichens at the University of Minnesota
Collections, this site offers links to a number of herbariums throughout the world (maintained by Paris-London-University of Salzburg)


The Bryologist
The Lichenologist

Research Locations

Department of Systematic Botany at Uppsala University is currently researching Caliciales under the instruction of Lief Tibell
OSU Lichen & Bryophyte Research Group at Oregon State University
Current Research at the University of Wisconsin is currently researching "Interactions between silicate minerals and lithobiontic microbial communities (lichens)
Clayton Newberry at the University of California at Berkley is currently researching Rocky Mountain lichens and mosses
ICCL: Preliminary Global Red List of Lichens www-page of the International Committe for the conservation of Lichens
Lias - a DELTA-based Determination and Data Storage System for LIchenized and lichenicolous ASomycets at Botanische Staatssannlung München


British Lichen Society

Species Information

Reindeer Moss from the National Audubon Society, Alaska-Hawaii Regional Office
Lichen List from the USDA Forest Service

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