Maine Lichen Keys

The best (***) keys for Maine lichens can be found among the following works:

**Brodo, I.M. 1968. The lichens of Long Island, New York: A vegetational and floristic analysis. Bulletin No. 410, New York State Museum and Science Service, Albany.

***Brodo, I.M. 1988. Lichens of the Ottawa region, 2nd ed. Ottawa Field Naturalist's Club Special Publication No. 3. (P.O. Box 3269 Postal Station C, Ottawa Ontario K1Y 4J5).

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*Fink. B. 1935. The lichen flora of the United States. The University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor.

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***Harris, R.C. 1977. Lichens of the Straits Counties, Michigan. Published by the author, University of Michigan Herbarium, Ann Arbor.

**Krog, H., H. Osthagen, and T. Tonsberg. 1980. Lavflora. Universitetsforlaget, Oslo.

**Krog, H., H. Osthagen, and T. Tonsberg. 1980. Lavflora, supplement in English. Universitetsforlaget, Oslo.

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**Taylor, C.J. 1968. The lichens of Ohio, part II. Fruticose and Cladoniform lichens. Biological Notes No. 4, The Ohio Biological Survey. The Ohio State University, Columbus.

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**Wirth, V. 1980. Flechtenflora. Eugen Ulmer, Stuttgart.

To determine the availability of keys and monographs
for a particular lichen genus or family, consult the following:

Brodo, I.M. 1985. Guide to the literature for the identification of North American lichens. Syllogeus 56 (English Edition), National Museums of Canada, Ottawa.

Hawksworth, D.L. 1970. Guide to the literature for the identification of British lichens. Bulletin of the British Mycological Society 4:73-95.

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